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An FLX TRAM system is a hillside elevator or funicular with one main purpose, to safely transport you down the slope and return you to your home. As we designed our system, we took into consideration several factors, including performance, safety, aesthetics, and ease of use. 

We carefully evaluate the optimal placement of each tram system, minimizing environmental disturbance and creating a custom system that meets your specific needs. 

tram system on a hill

Expertly Engineered

  • Unique cantilever design allows the tram to come right to the ground, eliminating steps and pinch points at upper and lower stations 
  • Controls are intuitive and easy to use
tram system on a hill

Safety First

  • Designed to a 10x safety factor with triple redundant and independent safeguards 
  • Safety brake automatically secures tram if it exceeds operating speed by 15% 
tram system on a hill

High Quality Materials

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum eliminates long term corrosion, unlike our competitors, who use galvanized steel
  • The strong powder-coated, marine-grade, welded aluminum cabin keeps you safe and takes you where you want to go
tram system on a hill

Blends with Environment

  • Tracks are installed low to the ground and anodized to blend with the environment 
  • Careful surveying and calculation inform optimal placement, ensuring little environmental disturbance 
Cantilever Tram for Angles between 20 and 48 degrees
Cantilever design for a 45 degree slope
38 degree - 8 drum design
50 degree cantilever design

    Is an FLX Tram right for you?

    Contact us and find out! We work closely with each person to determine if a FLX TRAM is the right solution for your property. 
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    Safety Strategy

    If you’re anything like us, you want to know the facts. Check out a more extensive explanation of our safety strategy and precautions.
    Our Safety Mission