tram system on a hill

At FLX TRAM, beauty and reliability are second only to safety. From initial installation to the daily operation, long-term inspection, and system service, each facet is scrutinized and engineered with your security in mind.  

Our #1 strategy for safety is prevention. Our goal is to never have to use the safety systems, but if they are engaged, we make sure you can quickly and easily recover from any situation and get back up and running as soon as possible. 

When working with cliffs and inclines, speed control is paramount. If a tram ever exceeds operating speed by 15%, we have designed the safety brake to automatically secure the tram to a third, independent galvanized steel cable. 

We also make sure that if the safety brake does engage, the tram will remain secure to the track without compromising any part of the system. 

Overall speed is the obvious focus, but a safe tram system requires many considerations. From pinch point elimination to electrical safe practices, and redundant operator controls, we have spent more engineering, design, and testing hours on safety than any other design element. 

ELECTRICAL✅ Electrical control design to ASME A.17 and National Electric Code standards; including SOOW and TFFN cable wire, NEMA 4 outdoor – all weather enclosures, and CE compliant components.

✅ Interlocking gate switches that inhibit station operation of tram if gates are open.

✅ Dynamic external resistor to dissipate excess energy during downhill travel.
MOTOR SAFETY✅ Variable Speed Drive controlling 240V/3HP gear motor used to generate smooth accel and decel regardless of payload weight.

✅ Motor brake that engages after gear motor has decelerated to a stop.

✅ Overload monitoring. Tram controls will prevent motion if overloaded.
BRAKING SYSTEM✅ Distributed Load Safety Brake Shoe – Cam/Wedge design distributes brake load evenly across brake cable, eliminated concentrated stress load found on competing designs.

✅ Skylock™ overspeed brake system.
PREMIUM MATERIALS✅ High strength aircraft aluminum used for rails, anodized brown to blend with surroundings.

✅ Track secured to hillside using 2″ OD 6061 - T6 aluminum pipe, driven to refusal or to a depth of 42″.

✅ Continuous hoist drum shaft.
PREMIUM CABLES✅ Dual cables on grooved hoist drum drive, able to carry over 20,000 lbs (15X rated max. load). Mechanical Nicopress® Crimping system to secure drive and safety cables.

✅ Cable Slack Detection
SECURITY PROTECTION✅ Security key switches: standard at upper station.

✅ Wireless safety controls preventing motion if tram is switched off.